All-in-one H&V

All-in-one H&V

Unico says that its Unico 3-in-1 system is ideal for future-proofing new builds in the UK. The company claims that this system replaces the need for traditional radiators and underfloor heating with the added option of cooling the property when installed with the appropriate air source heat pump.

The company offers heating, ventilation and cooling, all within the same system, using ductless mini-split systems to provide zoned cooling, enabling homeowners to tailor the temperature in various home areas, such as bedrooms.

This approach optimizes comfort and reduces energy waste by cooling or heating only occupied spaces, while lending itself to ‘smart home’ platforms such as the Intelligent Nest Pro, that allow for remote control and automation. The Unico System is engineered to meet high efficiency standards, aiding homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint and saving on energy costs.

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