Scottish builders want more detail in planning review

Scottish builders want more detail in planning review

Homes for Scotland responds to the “Places, People and Planning” position statement set out by the Scottish Government.

Homes for Scotland (HFS) has submitted its response to the “Places, People and Planning” position statement which sets out the changes the Scottish Government is considering taking forward as part of its reform of the country’s planning system.

Responding on behalf of its 200 members, the trade body remains concerned that the proposed package of reform measures will be a missed opportunity to make the strategic and radical changes to the delivery model that are required to achieve the review’s original objective of increasing the number of homes across Scotland.

Chief Executive Nicola Barclay said: “Given the crucial role the planning system plays in Scotland’s social wellbeing and economic success, the position statement offers a distinct overall lack of detail, particularly in relation to the process for the new Local Development Plan gatecheck and the introduction of an infrastructure levy to address what is becoming the most significant challenge to housing delivery.

“With matters now moving to a Bill at the end of the year, it is our view that a great deal more information is required before the package of legislative and non-legislative reforms can be effectively scrutinised. To that end, HFS and its members remain ready to positively engage and assist in developing a clear, robust and effective set of the proposals that meet the housing needs of our growing population.”


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