Keepmoat publishes whitepaper on housebuilding partnerships

Keepmoat publishes whitepaper on housebuilding partnerships

Keepmoat has launched a whitepaper giving advice to local authorities and housing associations on how to build effective partnerships with housebuilders.

The document, ‘Building Effective Partnerships with Housebuilders’ gives practical, financial and general advice on an approach towards building large-scale housing developments.

In 2015, the Housing & Finance Institute was set up to support the increase of developments in the UK and with the publication of the Government’s Housing and Planning Act last month underlining new requirements for housing plans, Keepmoat has released the first in a series of whitepapers to support housing associations and local authorities in the expedition of housing strategies, with this in mind.

Keepmoat has recognised that a lack of resources and barriers to growth at local authorities and housing associations, alongside added bureaucracy in the planning process means facilitating the construction of new houses is an immediate and pressing challenge for these organisations and housebuilders alike.

“This whitepaper shows a dedication from Keepmoat to support all of the organisations involved in solving the housing challenge in the UK to work closer together. Giving practical, demonstrable guidance on the how risk and reward can be shared to create high quality, lasting homes that the country needs and building stronger functioning communities in the long term”, said Natalie Elphicke, Chief Executive at the Housing & Finance Institute. “It’s a must-read for any organisation looking to develop a robust, long-term housing strategy.”

Ben Denton, Group Director, Strategy and Business Development at Keepmoat said: “Keepmoat has significant knowledge and experience of working in partnership with local governments and housing associations to deliver high levels of affordable homes, quickly, of the right quality and at an efficient price. This whitepaper is an extension of that experience and will help housing teams across the country to build a strategic plan to meet housing targets in their regions. We are encouraging all organisations in the housing industry to download and read the whitepaper and contact us to discuss their challenges and requirements.”

To download the Keepmoat ‘Building Effective Partnerships with Housebuilders’ whitepaper click here.


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