English new home additions surpass 200,000

English new home additions surpass 200,000

15% more homes have been delivered in the last year in England, according to new statistics released by the Government.

The number of new homes in England increased by 217,350 last year, according to the latest statistics for the financial year 2016/17.

Representing an increase of 15% over 2015/16, it is the first time in almost a decade when more than 200,000 homes were created. It is widely thought that we need around 250,000 new dwellings per year to meet demand.

The 217,350 net additions in 2016/17 resulted from 183,570 new build homes with 37,190 gains from change of use between non-domestic and residential. A further 5,680 new dwellings arose from conversions between houses and flats and there were 720 ‘other gains’. The figure was offset by 9,820 demolitions.

Commenting on the news, Neil Knight, Spicerhaart Part Exchange and Assisted Move Business Development Director, said: “The latest housing supply figures are encouraging. There were of course a few contributing factors to the increase in new build, including government schemes such as help-to-buy and the relaxation in planning regulations. New build has become more popular across the board, not just for first-time-buyers and second steppers, but also for the older generation downsizing.”

In a separate announcement, Housing Minister Alok Sharma has revealed that housing associations will be reclassified as private sector organisations – a move designed to stimulate further housebuilding.

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