Development of the modern home charted by NHBC Foundation report

Development of the modern home charted by NHBC Foundation report

The NHBC Foundation latest guide “Homes through the decades” charts the development the home from the Victorian age into the future.

The publication looks into the economic, social, political and technological forces that have shaped modern housing over the past 100 years – from the Victorian terraces to the modern energy efficient homes and neighbourhoods.

Commenting on the report, Neil Smith, head of research and innovation at NHBC, said: “Since the beginning of the 20th Century, Britain has experienced seismic changes in society, politics, technology and culture.

“We are now embarking on a further historically-important step for housing as we seek to establish a generation of new homes suitable for the 21st century. Our thinking should be informed by a clear understanding of what has gone before and an enlightened view of how we should address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Homes through the decades is an account of the drivers, endeavour and experience that over the last century has shaped the modern home. In its pages, we are reminded of the pivotal events and inspirational people – reformers, planners, architects, designers, technologists and construction teams – who grappled with the pressures and constraints of their time to deliver our unique housing heritage.”

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