Home flair

Home flair

Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval Furniture, looks at the rooms where homebuyers put indulgence and multi-functional flexibility at the top of their wish lists.

Back in the spring, we predicted – and have seen – that luxury dressing rooms and versatile hybrid home offices would be in demand to deliver a more flexible and luxurious lifestyle experience.

Creating beautiful spaces for rest, relaxation, studying, hobbies and working remotely is fundamental to enhancing quality of life and wellbeing in the future. In fact, research from the Mayo Clinic confirms ‘organising space’ can enhance mental health, so delivering bespoke storage solutions is beneficial for buyers’ minds as well as their homes.

Tall units which maximise storage potential are in demand to maximise every inch of space in the bedroom. Installing wardrobes and cupboards which extend up to the ceiling ensure the perfect fit and bring a streamlined feel. Must-have textures like linen and metallic effects cater to a desire for luxurious, feelgood finishes as buyers seek tactile effects to match a calming aesthetic. In addition, highlighting decorative accessories with integrated display shelving is the latest way to add a personal touch in keeping with a harmonious linear look.

Deluxe dressing islands
New deluxe central storage island units are top of the charts, making getting ready even easier. Zoned storage is big news, so not only are homebuyers able to see favourite items at a glance, designers also free up valuable space at the dressing table for them, helping streamline their daily rituals. Selecting eyewear, watches and jewellery to enhance outfits greatly appeals to high end buyers, thanks to a range of storage solutions such as specially designed leather trays.

Size matters
Furniture which is precisely tailored to buyers’ needs are at the heart of a calm and organized dressing area and bedroom, with a range of drawer sizes varying from slimline to deep to take care of non-hanging items. In fact, drawer storage is being reinvented in state-of-the-art island units as well as inside traditional wardrobes making it simpler than ever to manage clothes and travel goods as well as storing essentials like lingerie and nightwear.

The latest smoked glass shelving, sturdy pull-out, soft-close drawers for shoes, pull-down hanging rails, integrated mirrors and industrial inspired lighting options personalise space as well as promoting better organisation.

Deep and rich colours
Navy blue bedrooms and home offices are in vogue as Google confirms a 180% rise in searches for this relaxing, gender-neutral hue. This go-to calming colour is the perfect partner for in-demand wood details and luxurious metallic mineral effects which will elevate and transform fitted furniture.

Hybrid hero solutions
With hybrid working patterns here to stay in the UK, there is soaring demand for customised home office solutions. A mixture of open and closed storage is in demand to cater for hanging files, office stationery, lever arch folders and media devices.

For the ultimate in ease and practicality, premium home office suites should have hanging storage for workwear so workers can grab a jacket for a polished look ahead of video conferences and Teams meetings. As flexibility is key to professional and family life, giving spare bedrooms over to home offices with versatile furniture which can be flipped as required is increasingly popular. Selecting desks that can double as dressing tables and choosing dual zone cabinetry to accommodate office supplies or guests’ belongings make all the difference in a functional and comfortable multi-purpose room.

Sustainable choices
Furniture which is ethically made and environmentally friendly is in demand reflecting the global movement to use resources more efficiently and creatively. With this in mind, custom British-made fitted furniture which comes from renewable sources is an on-trend choice to reduce carbon footprints while catering to the unique nature of a home and lifestyle, helping maintain and protect clothes and accessories.

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