Fabulous façade stonework from Haddonstone

Fabulous façade stonework from Haddonstone

Haddonstone, the expert in cast stone, creates exciting designs for beautiful buildings and grounds around the world. One of its integral collections, outlined here, comprises a broad range of façade stonework products, handmade by a team of specialists at the in-house studios.

A cast stone portico will add instant visual interest and timeless elegance to the front of a wide variety of buildings. Traditionally used to provide shelter from the elements, a portico can enhance the kerb appeal and value of a property. Haddonstone provides a range of five standard design options that can be incorporated into a new build property or added to an existing façade and can be used to complement existing exterior styles and architectural features. A bespoke design service is also offered to help property owners and architects create custom designs, including a colour-match service, to perfectly suit individual projects.

Haddonstone’s expert team guides clients through every step of the design process and provides detailed drawings, all backed up with the reassurance of a series of rigorous quality checks during the production process, ensuring compliance with today’s exacting levels of technical performance requirements.

Plinth and string courses
Cast stone plinth and string courses for commercial and residential projects are used for breaking up brickwork on a building. Built into the lowest part of the wall of a building, they can be supplied in a range of sizes and complement many other components including quoins and band courses. As well as five standard plinth course designs, Haddonstone provides bespoke designs to suit individual project specifications. String (or band) courses are horizontal band features on a building which can be seen in virtually every style of Western architecture. A great way to break up monotonous brickwork, they can be designed to be either flush within the wall or to project slightly.

Classically designed cast stone columns take inspiration from the architecture of ancient Rome and Greece. Haddonstone’s impressive range of columns and complementary capital details are designed in the classical Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and Tuscan orders, in both fluted and plain styles.  All columns are cast in rubber moulds which reduces the visibility of unsightly seams.  Smaller columns are supplied in one-piece shafts whilst larger options are supplied in drum sections, mirroring the style of traditional natural stone columns and enabling for flexible heights.

As well as the standard range of columns, Haddonstone also produces half round columns and square column pilasters.

Classical pilasters are often chosen for architectural projects to complement columns and other stonework.  They are rectangular in plan and, unlike columns, are designed to project from a surface wall.  This means that, where space is limited, pilasters can offer the spectacle of columns, without overbearing the scale of the architectural design.  All handcrafted, pilasters are produced in a range of heights and widths; and in bespoke designs.

Door surrounds
Cast stone door surrounds transform entrances in all sorts of building types; they also protect the entrance door from the elements! Suitable for both interior and exterior purposes, they can incorporate a number of architectural elements including half columns and pilasters, door jambs and entablatures. The standard cast stone door surrounds (or architraves and door canopies) can be supplied in a wide choice of colours, heights and widths to suit every opening and configuration.  Haddonstone’s door surrounds can also be made in the company’s proprietary thin wall, lightweight GRC/GRFC TecLite material which is ideal for retrospective fit and plant-on applications. The revolutionary cement-based material contains alkali-resistant glass fibre (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete).  Although it closely resembles cast stone in appearance, the use of thin wall construction teamed with GRC/GFRC technology means the component weight is reduced by approximately two thirds when compared with similar Haddonstone and TecStone pieces.  The high-strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for new build, retrofit, timber frame and new build projects.

Quoins, corbels and gable vents
Stunning structure and aesthetics can be created with quoins, corbels and gable vents. Quoins are a great way to frame a building by adding another layer of detail that contrasts the brickwork. Manufactured to the highest quality, they are suitable for new build projects, extensions and renovations alike. Perfect for either a new build or a restoration project, the corbel has numerous applications, whether below windowsills, ledges, balconies or parapets, a corbel acts as great support for any kind of protruding structure. Haddonstone’s range of corbels are manufactured to the highest quality, resulting in a beautifully designed and decorative piece of stonework that’s both visually pleasing and practical.

Cast stone cornices
Cornices are the perfect way to complement a door, window or portico in both private and commercial developments. Practical and decorative, they divert rainwater from the building while creating decorative and appealing architectural components.

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