Countdown to Schedule 3

Countdown to Schedule 3

Martin Lambley, Product Manager for Urban Climate Resilience, explains what the introduction of Schedule 3 will mean for housebuilders.

What is Schedule 3 and how will it affect housebuilders?

Depending on the size and location of the project, SuDS are already mandatory in the UK and are increasingly a feature across many housing developments. However, the introduction of Schedule 3 of the 2010 Water Management Act in England in 2024 will require a development to submit drainage plans for approval from a newly formed SuDS Adoption Body (or SAB) before it can be connected to a public sewer system.

In essence, it will mean that SuDS take on an even more important role during the planning stages and developers will need to get to grips with how to effectively incorporate them into their projects as part of the initial design.

Is the housebuilding industry as a whole ready for the wider mandating of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)?

In practice, the true extent of how well prepared the industry is will become clear once the legislation is formally introduced, but there are ways that housebuilders can get ahead for next year. By familiarising themselves with the systems currently available, they will be in a much stronger position to hit the ground running once Schedule 3 is introduced.

The size and nature of a project will dictate which system is right for a particular site, and this should account for the local environment as well as the space there is to work in – a city-centre build will have diff erent requirements to a more rural development. This is why innovative solutions like Wavin’s AquaCell NG attenuation tank will play a crucial role in Schedule 3 readiness, offering a slimline and lightweight design that has significant benefits for projects that are tight on space.

What help is there for housebuilders to ensure they adhere to Schedule 3?

When Schedule 3 emerges in its final form, the legislation will put the emphasis on developers and their design partners to become fluent in SuDS if they want to see their builds progress. For some, this will be a daunting prospect given the risk of delays at the start of a project should they not be correctly implemented.

To address this concern, Wavin offers an end-to-end surface water management service, StormForce, that provides expert guidance on various SuDS components and how they can help meet the requirements of Schedule 3. The service ensures everything is taken care of by Wavin, from consultation and advice on-site, to value engineering the optimum design, manufacturing and co-ordinating the required products and components, right through to installation that is underpinned with a warranty.

Ultimately, it is there to increase efficiencies and minimise risks on projects in the face of Schedule 3.

What other water management solutions does Wavin provide to housebuilders which help them to deliver compliant, fit-for purpose developments?

Wavin offers a wide range of sustainable water management solutions to housebuilders, addressing the common pain points of the sector. Wavin’s OsmaDrain product range, embedded with RootSeal Technology as standard, is a perfect example. This technology prevents root ingress by harmlessly repelling tree roots, thereby ensuring natural reinforcement to below ground pipe infrastructure. Roots that make their way into underground piping are one of the leading causes of blockages and can ultimately cause long-term damage to pipe infrastructure, requiring expensive repairs or replacements. When used in conjunction with Wavin’s TreeTanks, which allow trees to grow while preventing damage to surrounding infrastructure, it represents an ideal way for housebuilders to deliver green developments that last long into the future.

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