Armour Home integrated home audio system

Armour Home integrated home audio system

With rising competition in the new build market housebuilders increasingly need points of differentiation to make their homes stand out from the crowd. One option is an integrated home audio system. PHPD recently visited audio specialist, Armour Home, to find out more.

The UK is a nation of music lovers but the way people listen to their favourite songs has changed dramatically over the past few years. Instead of buying CDs consumers now want to hear new music instantaneously, hence the growth of Spotify and other similar streaming services. This technology is most usually accessed through laptops, tablets and smartphones, but the option of having it integrated directly in the home could add the ‘wow factor’ many buyers are seeking.
Home_Net_Cabinet_Cut_ThroughSystemline is Armour Home’s integrated home music system. There is an entry level option, which is called E100 for single room installations, and a full multi room/multi zone solution called Systemline 7. The most recent iteration of Systemline 7 was launched late last year following extensive customer research, but the heritage of the brand goes back to 1988 when it launched the world’s first infrared multi room audio system.

For new property developers Systemline 7 has been designed to create a strong impact amongst potential buyers. Marketing Director Jonathan Bennett explained: “If you are building a house Systemline 7 is the kind of kit you want to buy. It is a fantastic product that places music and audio at the centre of any home. At a development stage it will create a ‘wow factor’ and provide added value to potential buyers.”

Store and stream

Systemline 7 supports up to 24 fully independent music zones and has 2TB of digital music storage (including Hi-Res music files) enabling users to listen to favourite tracks throughout the house, in just one room or in a collection of rooms – useful if the owner is throwing a party. IP rated option are also available enabling the system to be integrated into the bathroom for those relaxing moments in the bath.

It can stream on-demand music services from Deezer, Qobuz & Spotify and has support for Hi-Res music storage and reproduction (up to 4 x CD resolution). Systemline 7 can also stream radio services from BBC iPlayer (including 7 day catch-up service) TuneIn & Shoutcast etc.

User control is via a fully customisable App optimised for all sizes of iPad & iPhones. Another control option is an iPad which can be secured in a wall unit to offer the more static option of control.


S7 image1

Better audio, better TV

A further benefit that integrated home audio systems benefit from can be found in the trend for larger but thinner TVs. Whilst displaying an amazing picture quality many super thin televisions do not have the room for the speakers to match. The consequence is that they can lack the audio ‘clout’ buyers would like. An integrated home audio system solves this problem linking the TV with high quality sound.

Beyond seamless integration with the television, many homeowners also want more control over lighting and even other options such as automatic blinds and entry systems. Systemline 7 has been designed so it will integrate with 3rd party lighting and control systems including Crestron, Control 4, RTI, Fibaro and Lutron.

The showhome testE100_Bluetooth

Jonathan Bennett believes that customers who see a home audio system integrated into a showhome will be drawn to it. “I visited a showhome of a customer recently” he explained, “and it was noticeable that many of the potential buyers were drawn to the iPad in the wall and the integrated audio. The Systemline 7 also incorporates high performance in-ceiling speakers from the award-winning Q Acoustics, which also captures the imagination.”

One option that Bennett recommends is that housebuilders prepare new homes for its solutions by offering the company’s single room solution E100 as standard and allowing customers to select the full Systemline 7 as an upgrade. Systemline E100 offers a single room integrated audio experience. It features an OLED control panel which fits within a standard UK 45mm double gang back box and comes together with speaker cabling and two high performance 6.5” ceiling mounted speakers.

The company also offers a bespoke service where developers can choose from a range of solutions selecting the one which will best suit the requirements of a specific development.


‘Boutique’ feel

With many housebuilders looking to create the high-end ‘boutique’ feel that many homeowners seek, options like integrated home audio could become increasingly important in new homes. Bennett concludes, “As many new homes now have smaller outside spaces the features inside the home gain more importance. Integrated audio systems certainly provide the ‘wow factor’ to any home.”

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