Ubbink introduces new dry verge system

Ubbink introduces new dry verge system

Ubbinks new BS8612 compliant Dry Verge system includes a batten bracket which eliminates the need to replace or extend existing battens when retrofitting.

The company’s Dry Verge Batten Bracket has been designed to both remove the need to replace or extend the existing batten, whilst also streamlining the verge fixing process itself, thanks to its blank face and ambi handed fixing screws.

Ubbink Technical Manager Keith Plummer said: “This simple design gives our Dry Verge System a unique advantage. We’re getting great feedback from users and stockists. With the increasing popularity of dry-fix systems for refurbishment, this little innovation will be important for the industry.”

Refurb projects that have a need for a dry verge system require the old mortar as well as the under-cloak to be removed, as well as a number of the tiles, in order to expose the battens.

When installing some dry verge systems, the battens need to extend past the barge board by 30mm, to allow the verge units to be correctly fixed in place. This means either the existing battens must be completely replaced with longer ones, or a new section must be fixed to the ends of the original battens. Either of these solutions can be not only time consuming but also bring additional costs.

Furthermore, to meet the requirements of BS8612, fixing directly into the ends of battens has been deemed unsatisfactory. Consequently, an additional batten bracket is now required to offer additional strength – which can create a further time-consuming process and expense. Ubbink’s Dry Verge Batten Bracket design removes the need to replace or extend the existing batten and streamlines the verge fixing process.

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