Trade Perfect Matt launched by Johnstone’s Trade

Trade Perfect Matt launched by Johnstone’s Trade

Johnstone’s Trade has launched Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt, a new paint that has been designed to create a flawless, flat matt finish in any colour.

The increasing number of spotlights and large windows is creating more critical lighting within buildings, which can highlight visible application marks on interior surfaces, particularly in darker colours. This, in turn, can affect the appearance of the colour and have a negative impact on the overall aesthetic of the room.

In a recent survey hosted by Johnstone’s Trade, 70 per cent of painting contractors said that visible application marks are a problem, with 88 per cent agreeing that extra time and effort needs to be put into jobs in order to avoid visible application marks.

To address this, the company has developed Trade Perfect Matt with Smooth Layer technology: the paint has a balanced ratio of binding agent, additives and pigments to deliver a flawless, flat matt finish, even in the darkest colours.

David Baines, Technical Specification Manager Key Accounts at Johnstone’s Trade, said: “In a bid to improve health and wellbeing of occupants, architects are increasingly designing buildings that feature large windows to maximise the amount of natural light that floods inside. However, while providing necessary light, these large windows can often make paint application marks visible – especially on dark colours. With such a lot of effort going into building design, it’s important to do the project justice by avoiding such imperfections and making sure the finish is impeccable.

“Now, by specifying Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt and its Smooth Layer technology, the industry can remain confident that a flawless finish will be achieved even in areas with vast amounts of critical lighting and on the darkest colour shades.”

Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt is available in the full range of Voice of Colour shades, and can be purchased in 2.5L, 5L and 10L sizes. The new paint also has a class 1 scrub rating.

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