Titon introduces new ventilation controls

Titon introduces new ventilation controls

Titon has launched aura-t (HMB), a new multifunctional controller, to the company’s range of HRV Q Plus HMB units.

The new touchscreen controller can be used for programming, commissioning and occupancy control of the company’s range of HRV Q Plus HMB units. The HMB (Humidity Bypass) model complements the existing aura-t (B), ensuring there is a touchscreen control option available for all Titon MVHR systems.

The new controller has been designed for straightforward operation and adjustment of ventilation speeds, while benefitting from a backlit display and providing enhanced functionality when connected to a 2019 HMB model. With a ‘Plug and play’ technology option available, the controller can also be fitted to any of Titon’s standard HMB MVHR units, via a socket on the terminal box of compatible models. Alternatively, post-2019 models have the option of having the aura-t (HMB) fitted on board to allow for easier access and control.

The functions on the aura-t (HMB) include a digital four-speed switch with programmable speed settings, as well as internal MVHR humidity set point adjustment; the humidity sensor’s set point is variable from 30% RH (relative humidity) to 100% RH, all set via the touchscreen controller. In addition, units boast a filter change indicator, boost inhibit function and fan speed cloning (copying settings from one mode to another) capabilities – functions not previously available on other Titon MVHR controls.

Ventilation’s key role in creating a healthy home

In addition to monitoring and displaying the status of a Titon HMB HRV unit, the aura-t (HMB) provides end users with manual control of fan speeds, with a one-hour timeout for Speeds 1, 3 and 4. Unit speed can also be manually set via the onscreen icons, which are also used to display any automatically selected speed. The new control also provides summer bypass temperature settings, as well as access to enhanced commissioning functions. Two independently configured boost overrun timers are available, allowing separate settings for wet rooms and kitchens.

Commenting on the new controller, Lee Caulfield, Sales Director at Titon Ventilation Systems, said: “The aura-t has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing homeowners to control and commission their HRV Q Plus ventilation units with ease. In terms of installation, the control just needs to be plugged in and it’s ready to go.”

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