Sustainable Drainage | Marley Plumbing & Drainage

Sustainable Drainage | Marley Plumbing & Drainage

Marley Plumbing & Drainage has relaunched its Flowloc system.

Designed to work in conjunction with a stormwater attenuation tank, the Flowloc system helps to control and manage the rate at which stored water is released into natural water courses or underground sewer systems, during a heavy rainfall or storm event.

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Able to accommodate flow rates ranging from 2.5 l/s to 18 l/s, Flowloc comprises a Vortex flow control unit and pre-fitted inlet filter – designed to provide protection against potential blockages or silt build-up – all supplied within a chamber base. The system is also available with an extensive range of orifice plates, enabling housebuilders to provide tailored control over the water discharge rate, as will be required and stipulated by the approved planning application or local water authority.

Available as a pre-packaged ‘drop-in’ solution, with the polyethylene chamber containing the riser kit, heavy-duty aluminium flow control unit, inlet filter and overflow pipe, Flowloc provides housebuilders with a more cost-effective, lightweight and efficient means of installation, compared to alternative concrete solutions. The system is also manufactured with a withdrawal handle and chain attached to the control unit and filter, enabling local authorities and maintenance contractors to easily carry out any required maintenance from the surface level, without man entry being required.

Commenting on the system relaunch, Tim Sandberg, Category Manager – Soil and Underground at Marley Plumbing & Drainage, said: “As the recent disastrous flooding events have demonstrated, our country’s existing drainage infrastructure is simply unable to cope with these heavy and sustained rainfall events. As a result, we are seeing an increasing pressure placed on housebuilders and developers to ensure that they are incorporating a rain and surface water strategy at the planning stage of a development.

“As an expert in the plumbing and drainage sector, we understand the importance of SUDs solutions, such as our Flowloc system, which works to minimise the pressure placed on our existing drainage infrastructure during these extreme rainfall events. We wanted to ensure that Flowloc not only delivered reliable levels of performance while in-situ but also provided housebuilders with a complete solution and allowed for easy maintenance during the system’s lifetime – three things which I believe we have achieved. Tailored solutions are also available, which customers can learn more about by speaking to our Sales team.”

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