SikaBit ProMelt waterproofing system

SikaBit ProMelt waterproofing system

Sika has added to its bituminous roofing range with the launch of SikaBit ProMelt; a versatile, high-performance structural waterproofing system for inverted roofs, podium decks, balconies and terraces.

Building on Sika’s expertise in roofing, SikaBit ProMelt is a fully BBA-accredited hot melt system, which is manufactured in the UK and suitable for most common types of inverted roof build-ups across both new build and refurbishment roof areas.

Rod Benson, Sika’s head of new build for roofing comments: “The addition of SikaBit ProMelt to our roofing portfolio enhances Sika’s bituminous roofing range, following the success of our best-in-class bituminous membranes, which were launched just last year.

“As hot melt becomes an increasingly popular choice for new build projects, the launch of SikaBit ProMelt offers even more specification flexibility from within the Sika range. It also enables specifiers to select multiple roofing technologies for their projects from within the Sika portfolio, to suit the varying needs of different roof areas, while benefitting from harmonised specification and support from a brand they trust for quality, performance and reliability.”

A traditional two-layer reinforced hot melt system with an access layer to enable rapid trafficking on the completed waterproofed area, SikaBit ProMelt can be laid piecemeal around other trades, helping to fast track construction programmes and enable more flexible sequencing of works at roof level. Seamless, extremely durable and capable of handling high levels of traffic, the system is elastomeric, ensuring the roof covering can cope with structural movement and resist moderate point loads and minor punctures. The monolithic and non-tracking system is fully-bonded, avoiding any vulnerabilities associated with seams and ensuring water cannot track beneath the waterproofing system.

Designed to offer waterproofing integrity for the design life of the roof, the SikaBit ProMelt system allows versatile, year-round application, retaining excellent flexibility and adhesion, even at low temperatures. The system can be laid at zero falls, provided there is adequate drainage provision with no backfalls, in accordance with BS 6229:2018.

The SikaBit ProMelt system has also been developed to address the environmental priorities of both developers and specifiers, and to make waste management easier for contractors on site. The UK- manufactured hot melt compound contains a proportion of recycled material and is supplied wrapped in a thermofusible film, which melts in the boiler when the system is prepared for use on site. This means that there is no need for cardboard boxes, reducing time and waste on site.

Like all Sika’s roofing systems, SikaBit ProMelt is supported by the company’s market-leading service offering which includes technical advice, specifications, site inspections and a range of guarantees. Sika will also provide training to contractors to underpin installation integrity, utilising a newly built SikaBit training centre at the company’s Preston site.

Gavin White, Sika’s marketing and product manager for roofing, adds: “With Bituminous membranes, hot melt, cold-applied liquid membranes and single-ply roofing systems all now available from Sika, we can meet all the needs of any new build or refurbishment flat roof project.

“Hot Melt is an extremely popular choice for new-build projects that enables the roof to be used as trafficable space or a biophilic feature. With the launch of SikaBit ProMelt, specifiers can now choose the versatility of hot melt technology with the service and quality assurance of working with Sika.”

The webinar detailing the SikaBit ProMelt hot melt range is available to view at:


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