Resideo launches Honeywell Home T3 Thermostat

Resideo launches Honeywell Home T3 Thermostat

Resideo, maker of Honeywell Home branded heating control products, has enhanced its portfolio of heating controls with the addition of the Honeywell Home T3 programmable thermostat range.

Designed to be used across a variety of housing situations and with any boiler or system, the new T3 includes an optimum stop, start and delayed stop functions that learn how the room is heated and regulate start up and cool down periods for greater control of comfort levels.

There is also a clear and simple screen interface to offer easy temperature and timing adjustments.

There are two models in the range: a wired version, ideal for replacing existing wired thermostats, and a wireless version that minimises installation time. Both come with 7 day and 5/2-day scheduling, as well as summer and winter automatic time change functions. There are additional OpenTherm models for installations that benefit from the installation of an OpenTherm heat source.

Amongst the installation benefits are an improved receiver box for the wireless versions, and a simple to install wall plate for the wired version, with a thermostat that is easy to set up and hand over to the end user.

For situations where the property owner needs to limit access to the heating system, the T3 provides a lockable screen and a set point high/low limit that prevents users from accidental overheating.

Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo, maker of Honeywell Home branded heating controls, said: “At Resideo we’re proud our products are installed by professionals and recognise that sometimes the hardest part of the job is selecting the right thermostat. The T3 has been designed to meet the needs of installers, specifiers, property owners and end users, offering a thermostat for all applications.”

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