Product Spotlight: Showers

Product Spotlight: Showers

Showers are evolving. Here, PHPD takes a look at a few recent examples of showers that can add real value to your properties. 

Bar Showers

Bristan has invigorated two models within its bar shower range – Buzz and Craze – with a customer inspired upgrade that is perfectly suited to the housebuilder market. The newly updated showers are packed with a host of new features, including the award-winning Wallmount 12.

Bristan’s Wallmount 12 fixing kit is now included as standard with Buzz and Craze bar showers and has been engineered to enable front of wall isolation, meaning the connectors can be installed first, and the bar shower itself doesn’t have to be fitted until a later stage, protecting it from potential damage during full bathroom installation. When ready, the shower valve simply attaches to the connectors. The innovative fixing kit also makes maintenance a breeze, allowing for front of wall servicing if required – saving time and money.

Buzz and Craze are thermostatic and also include Safe Touch technology, which shrouds the hot water feed inside the valve with a layer of cold water, to keep the bar itself safe to touch.

Wider than the original designs, the new and improved Buzz and Craze shower heads have a ball joint connection for adjusting the angle of spray. With dual outlets engineered to deliver maximum performance: a large, drenching rain head and a separate three-mode handset, the new and improved showers also boast an integrated two-way 180-degree diverter valve.

New homeowners can rotate the flow control one way for the handset and the other way for the deluge head to create their perfect showering experience.

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Rain Showers

Rain showers remain a desirable feature of the modern bathroom with more than half of British people keen to have a large shower head that offers full body coverage when showering.

With its full-face Rain spray and a generous diameter of 250mm, the new Grohe Tempesta 250 head shower, which is manufactured in the brand’s own shower competence centre in Lahr, Germany, is designed to impress in every aspect.

Thanks to its slim, minimalist form and elegant chrome finish, it is an ideal solution for any modern bathroom design. Additionally, it offers developers lots of installation flexibility thanks to the availability of many different product variants. From both round and square designs, the Tempesta 250 is also available as a single head shower, in a set with shower arm or as a complete shower system.

Equipped with the water-saving EcoJoy technology, which uses a flow restrictor to reduce the water consumption to a more sustainable 9.5 litres per minute, Tempesta 250 promises showering comfort with a good conscience, and a perfect shower match for the Brits who would like a shower that could assist them in being more sustainable in their day-to-day life. At the same time, the perfect geometry of the nozzles on the shower head ensures that the water flow remains powerful.

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Individual Settings

Focusing specifically on the bathroom, developers have the opportunity to create visually and functionally dynamic spaces that enable potential occupiers to tailor their showering experience to meet their personal preferences, regardless of the potential size of the space.

As the average UK family bathroom is 2,500 x 2,500mm, it may initially appear problematic and costly for developers looking to achieve a functional space that can also transform into a high quality, relaxing sanctuary for prospective buyers.

However, the latest advancements in showering technology offer the ability for housebuilders to create bathrooms that can be tailored to meet the needs of each occupier, without having to significantly reconfigure the layout or the types of systems specified.

For example, Methven’s Tūora high-grade stainless steel showers feature unique patented spray technology, VJet, which allows individuals to tailor their showering experience to their own personal taste.

The range delivers a variable spray pattern that can be adapted to each user’s personal preference as discreet channels located across the entire shower head create a stimulating spiral of water entirely controlled by a simple sliding switch. This enables homeowners to transition the spray from a firm, invigorating blast, to a gentle, enveloping spray, depending on the type of showering experience they are looking for.

The VJet spray technology also maintains a water-saving flow rate, delivering 9 litres per minute with wide-spray coverage. This significantly conserves water, without compromising on performance.

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PJH’s own-brand of shower enclosures, RefleXion, has been enhanced with the addition of a new In-fold Classix Enclosure, perfect for compact bathroom spaces due to its very small footprint and opening mechanism.

The space-saving In-Fold enclosure, where the door cleverly slides into the enclosure area, taking up less space in the room, is a style and model typically found at the higher end of the market with a price to match. PJH however, has created and added this enclosure to its successful RefleXion own-brand collection, and at a highly competitive price point to appeal to the middle market.

Featuring an ultra-smooth opening and closing mechanism, the new In-fold enclosure door is manufactured and designed to the same high quality standards as the whole RefleXion Enclosure Collection, making it extremely appealing to consumers looking for a durable and space efficient design.

Toughened 6mm safety glass, concealed fixings, ‘Easy Clean’ glass, optional side panels and an exceptionally smooth door gliding action, this In-fold model comes in three versatile widths, 760mm, 800mm and 900mm, and all with a minimal door opening intrusion into the room of just 200mm, 320mm and 370mm respectively.

At a height of 1850mm, the RefleXion In-fold model is suitable for recess and corner applications, has a reversible door and comes with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee as well as CE Approval.

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