Patent granted for Abode Pronteau 4 in 1

Patent granted for Abode Pronteau 4 in 1

Combining convenience with user safety, the Abode Pronteau 4 in 1 mixer tap has been granted a patent for its technology, designed to make it one of the safest steaming hot water taps on the market.

The Hotkey is a simple but effective mechanism for the safe delivery of piping hot water. Hidden inside the tap body, a proximity sensor detects when the HotKey is nearby, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout. This is insulated, meaning the water arrives hot but the outside surface of the tap remains cool and safe to the touch.

Ideal for hands-free use, the HotKey also attaches to the front of the tap body to safely deliver steaming hot water in an instant. When not in use, the HotKey magnetically self-locates for convenient storage behind the tap. Without the Hotkey, the tap becomes a regular 3-way mixer tap delivering everyday hot and cold as well as filtered cold drinking water.

There are five mixer taps in the 4 in 1 Pronteau range, offering all the benefits of standard kitchen mixers but with the addition of pH balanced, limescale-free filtered cold, and 80 to 98º filtered steaming hot water, on demand.

The range incorporates the Proboil3 boiler unit, an intelligent and compact self-diagnostic boiler which sits comfortably under the sink to deliver over 50 cups an hour. At 80 to 98º, Pronteau delivers water in a structured and controlled way, eliminating spitting and spurting.


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