New Trim mirror from HiB

New Trim mirror from HiB

The new Trim range from HiB has been designed for those seeking a chic and minimalist bathroom mirror.

Available in two distinct shapes, two finishes and two sizes, the Trim mirror offers versatility in the bathroom or as a mirror in any room of the home.

It is available in brushed brass or matt black framing to match other bathroom accessories and create a complete look. The Curve and Round options offer different aesthetics, suiting several trends and designs. Each mirror can also feature an optional heated pad to reduce condensation on the surface.

HiB Sales Director Ash Chilver said: “Trim offers fantastic flexibility and beautiful styling that so many customers are looking for, for their homes. It was important to us that when designing the Trim mirror, it had a high level of finish but also offered simplicity and versatility. Because it is not illuminated, Trim is ideal for pairing with additional lighting such as wall or pendant lights, to create a dramatic focal point. 

“The brushed brass and matt black finishes have both been popular with customers so to be able to offer a non-illuminated mirror that seamlessly matches our accessories ranges is brilliant.”

The Trim Curve and Trim Round ranges are available in 40cm and 50cm options.

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