New online flue configurator tool from Grant UK

New online flue configurator tool from Grant UK

A new tool is now live on the Grant UK website which is designed to help select the correct flue options for specific boiler models.

The flue configuration tool is now available via the Professional section of Grant UK’s website. Visitors are prompted to provide details regarding the boiler they propose installing before the configurator produces its results which include the flue kit and accessories suitable for the installation. Each result is comprehensive, presenting visitors with the relevant part codes, pack content information, and important installation notices which are relevant to their search.

The new tool has been designed to help heating engineers identify the flue components compatible with particular boiler models and installation scenarios. With over sixty models available in the Vortex and VortexBlue oil boiler ranges and thousands of Grant EZ-FIT flue components available, it is hoped that this new online configurator tool will equip installers with the product details they require to select and order the correct flue assemblies.

Grant UK’s flue configurator tool is the latest addition to the company’s new website which was launched in May this year.

To view Grant UK’s flue configurator tool, please click here.

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