New wiring accessories range launched by MK Electirc

New wiring accessories range launched by MK Electirc

Wiring accessories MK Electric is launching a new range – MK Essentials, designed for lower budget developments and back-of-house areas in premium homes.

Designed to offer reliability, fit and quality, MK Essentials offers a wide range of white switches and sockets suitable for smaller budgets. The wiring accessories range has a screwless design and a high gloss finish to deliver a contemporary aesthetic suitable for any build.

Including USB outlets, LED dimming, and Euro modules, the MK Essentials range is also expandable, as Grid frontplates from the range are compatible with MK Electric’s Grid Plus range of modules, ensuring a breadth of product to suit a wide range of developments.

Features such as backed out and captive screws also ensure that the MK Essentials range is easy and convenient to install.

Emma Segelov, MK Electric’s EMEA Marketing Operations Manager, said: “A value range where quality counts, MK Essentials is ideal both for projects where price matters, and for bigger developments that want a simpler solution for back-of-house areas. By introducing this range, we can now offer housebuilders – both private and social – a solution for any environment, no matter what the budget.”

MK Essentials is backed by a 25-year guarantee.

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