MEDITE SMARTPLY launches time saving dry-lining panels

MEDITE SMARTPLY launches time saving dry-lining panels

To make the use of plasterboard partitions more straightforward MEDITE SMARTPLY has introduced a new OSB3 panel, PATTRESS PLUS.

Suited to buildings featuring plasterboard partitions, the panels have a continuous recess along one side that is designed to accommodate ‘C’ studs without the need to cut in slots on site.

This design feature means that each panel sits flush against the stud flange, holding steady while you screw the other side into place.

Head of Marketing and Brand at MEDITE SMARTPLY, Stuart Devoil, commented: “PATTRESS PLUS panels have been created to meet a clear market need. When speaking to Dryliners and contractors dealing with plasterboard partitions, it became clear that installing pattressing is one big headache. We found that the current boards they use require cutting on site, which creates large amounts of dust and noise, that in turn creates additional health and safety risk, plus the use of additional metalwork and fixings adding time and complexity, all resulting in extended installation times. We just wanted to reduce the risk and complexity, whilst saving them some time into the bargain.”

The product will be available to order from 1st February 2019 and are available in thicknesses of 15mm or 18mm, widths of 397mm or 597mm (to fit 400mm and 600mm stud centres), and lengths of 1250mm or 2397mm, in line with leading plasterboard partition specifications.

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