Marshalls | Mayfair Vintage facing bricks at the Merlin Rise development

Marshalls | Mayfair Vintage facing bricks at the Merlin Rise development

Facing bricks from Marshalls have been used on a new development in Wiltshire to deliver a reclaimed brick aesthetic.

Marshalls Bricks & Masonry’s Mayfair Vintage facing bricks have been used by housebuilder Backhouse on its Merlin Rise development to achieve a high-quality, reclaimed brick aesthetic that also aligns with the sustainability goals of the business.

Merlin Rise is a development of 21 homes on the outskirts of Calne in Wiltshire. The properties have been designed as distinctive, stylish and comfortable homes that meet the needs of modern families.

Less energy
In line with the company’s sustainability aims, Backhouse chose to use concrete facing bricks rather than a conventional clay alternative. Unlike clay bricks, concrete products do not require firing and as a result, only a small amount of additional energy is used in the manufacturing process.

Charles Phillpott, Senior Buyer at Backhouse said: “We are focused on creating places that are sympathetic to their location, respect the existing environment and we are serious about how we work with existing communities. Placemaking is at the very core of our developments and we constantly strive to use sensitive methods of construction and materials. Marshalls’ range of facing bricks not only allows us to choose from a range of colours and finishes, it also means we are incorporating an element of sustainability into the homes we build by the very materials we select. This makes our sustainability goals easier to achieve and is at the heart of what we want to do as a business.”

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