Fisher & Paykel introduces new four door refrigeration collection

Fisher & Paykel introduces new four door refrigeration collection

Fisher & Paykel is introducing a new quad door fridge freezer collection which includes a range of helpful technologies.

Image: Fisher & Paykel’s quad door fridge freezer RF605QDUVX1 on the left and RF523GDUX1 on the right

Featuring a bold design and packed full of useful features, Fisher & Paykel has introduced a new quad door collection of fridges.

Helen Haider, Head of Marketing, Fisher & Paykel commented: “This new quad door collection is based on many years of R&D that has brought two exciting formations to market. This is a bold fridge for the most discerning of design customers working on the most exciting kitchen projects; a lifestyle product that combines the very best in food care technology and striking looks.”

The company has incorporated Variable Temperature Mode technology as a core design feature. This provides multiple temperature choices so that a user always have the very best care for their fresh and frozen food. Temperatures can be adjusted at the touch of a button from an easily accessible control panel.

There are four separate food modes available: Fridge, Chill, Soft freeze and Freeze modes. The offering of these flexible options allows a user to select the best combination of temperatures to suit their storage needs.

The quad door fridge freezer offers four separate compartments, one of which provides modular flexibility with its Variable Temperature Zone. This compartment can transform from a fridge to a freezer one day to the next.

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The fridge is a heavily used door in any household and so Fisher & Paykel has created ActiveSmart – a control system that anticipates future use by sensing environmental conditions and understanding how a person uses their fridge. Fisher & Paykel can analyse and adjust the temperature, airflow and humidity accordingly to deliver optimal results throughout the fridge and freezer. It can also rapidly chill new items to a safe temperature and quickly freeze foods to retain moisture.

The multi door is also available in a smaller 79cm design, with two fridge doors and two freezer drawers. With the rise of compact living, this smaller design is suited to smaller homes where users don’t want to compromise on luxury due to limited space.

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