Fassa Bortolo transform period home with expert render solutions

Fassa Bortolo transform period home with expert render solutions

Leading Italian manufacturer of render systems and integrated building materials, Fassa Bortolo, has recently undertaken a raft of large-scale renovations projects most recently completing work on Castle Hill House in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The applicator was given a challenging task, rendering over the existing substrate of the stately family home, which largely consisted of painted pebble dash. At around 500 square meters in size, the property needed specialist advice for the render to be applied correctly in the most cost-effective manner, which led to applicators, A M Plastering & Rendering Ltd, looking to Fassa Bortolo to specify the right solution.

After discussion a series of Fassa products were specified to complete the job. Released in Summer 2019, the chosen basecoat, K-over, was a fairly new product to the Fassa UK portfolio at this point, but the opportunity proved a success, demonstrating the flexibility and versatility of this system. A white fibre-reinforced render, ideal for levelling uneven surfaces, this system can be applied from 3mm to 30mm, making it thick enough to cover coarse surfaces including pebble dash and existing painted surfaces.

Before the base coat was applied, Fassa recommended a full prepare and de-grease of the existing substrate to ensure the new system would adhere effectively. Following the application of K-over, Fassa’s best-selling product, Fassacouche was used to create the new external façade. In shade ‘Gris Pearl’, the through colour properties of Fassacouche brought new life to the home with a striking off-white colour. This was then finished with the IS510 protective sealant to help keep the render looking its best for longer by repelling water but also allowing the building to breathe.

Kevin Frost, Fassa ASM for the east and the east midlands comments: “We’ve worked with the team at A M Plastering & Rendering for a while now, so we’re glad they chose to come to us again to meet the needs for this project. We have every faith in our products as the quality is second to none, but we were yet to try out the new basecoat on such a large-scale project, especially with a challenging substrate. In the end we were very impressed with the outcome, as was the contractor and the homeowner.”

Adam McCrum of A M Plastering adds: “Our Fassa ASM helped us from start to finish with specification and site visits, providing in depth knowledge of the product range and technical help on render detail for the finish. We regularly use Fassa products but this was our first time using the K-over basecoat and the results were fantastic.”

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