Excavators | Doosan

Excavators | Doosan

Doosan has launched the new DX490LC-7 and DX530LC-7 Stage V 50 tonne crawler excavators, providing significantly improved performance compared to the previous Stage IV models that sets a new benchmark for the 50 tonne class.

These new 50 tonne excavators offer the strength and productivity needed for heavy duty work such as large-scale earthmoving, moving rock, pulling down buildings, secondary breaking, loading haulers and pipeline projects found on quarrying and mining, highway, aggregate, demolition, utility and general construction projects.

New High Power Scania Stage V Engine

To meet Stage V engine emission regulations, the DX490LC-7 and DX530LC-7 excavators are powered by the new Scania DC13 Stage V compliant diesel engine, providing a higher power output of 294 kW (394 HP).

The Scania engine offers a new solution to exceed Stage V with super-efficient DOC/DPF+SCR after-treatment technology to ensure minimal emissions. Thanks to the new technology, maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been greatly reduced, with a six times longer automatic regeneration interval (60 hours) and an ash cleaning interval that is twice as long at 8000 hours, compared with the previous DPF in the DX-3 generation machines. The operator is now able to see the amount of ash build up in the DPF from their seat in the cab via the gauge panel and that a regeneration has been successful.

Best Performance in 50 tonne Class

In the DX490LC-7 and DX530LC-7, the enhanced performance of the DC13 engine is combined with a Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system (D-Ecopower+) and the new generation Smart Power Control Technology (SPC3), providing an overall fuel efficiency increase of 11%.

Increased pump capacity and the higher power of the engine produces up to an 8% increase in productivity, the best-in-class performance in the 50 tonne market.

There are now four power modes available on both machines, which help to simplify the operation of the new excavators compared to the more complex choice of eight power modes and SPC combinations in the previous generation machines. The operator is able to set the power mode (P+, P, S or E) in both one-way and two-way working modes.


The new DX490LC-7 and DX530LC-7 models are factory-installed with Doosan’s state-of-the-art DoosanCONNECT wireless fleet monitoring system. The DoosanCONNECT system offers a web-based fleet management solution which is very useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance.

As a leading brand in information and communications technology (ICT), Doosan has taken a remarkable step forward, by offering customers lifetime-free cellular service with all DX-7 generation excavators. This means that customers can use the DoosanCONNECT service without any limitation as long as they use the service with a cellular network. Satellite service will be offered free-of-charge for a 3-year period.

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