ERA launches cloud-based HomeGuard Pro

ERA launches cloud-based HomeGuard Pro

ERA has launched the new HomeGuard Pro – a cloud-based alarm system to combine security with smart living.

The Cloud takes away constraints that a localised alarm system brings, as it only requires a hub rather than a control panel. Set up is simple, done via a smartphone app. Should the panel be damaged, all settings and data is safely stored in the cloud.

The Cloud also enables the monitoring of multiple hubs from one account, meaning quick-flip viewing of different locations can be done in seconds. Instead of talking to the panel via SMS or GPRS, the app is able to talk to the Cloud which can hold the data from multiple hubs and report back fluidly on them all.

Super-fast communication is permitted by the app, and in the event of an intrusion, HomeGuard Pro will simultaneously alert all stored contacts and provide real time data. The user is able to log in, flip between IP cameras, and review arm/disarm logs.

Another key difference is that the cloud allows communication with other smart devices that a local alarm wouldn’t easily be able to do. HomeGuard Pro comes ready to work with Lightwave and is also due to integrate with TouchKey (Keyless Smart Lock) and DoorCam, (WiFi Video Doorbell), bringing to life a fully integrated suite of Smart Home Products. Over the long term, the hub can simply be upgraded via the Cloud with no need for replacement or physical adaptions.

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