Digitise construction with Buildots

Digitise construction with Buildots

In a world where the appetite for technology is increasing, Buildots provides an unmissable solution. The Tel Aviv and London-based tech startup utilises digital technologies to manage and streamline construction projects. Buildots’ construction management platform harnesses AI (artificial intelligence) and wearable hardware to improve workflows, and reduce costs and delays. 

Buildots’ solution lets site managers know the exact status of a project via access to its single, easy-to-use online platform. Buildots leverages the capacity of off-the-shelf 360-degree cameras to capture site data and compare it with BIM (Building Information Modelling) information, creating a perfect view of a project. 

On top of the live model an advanced dashboard system creates the construction control centre, showing progress reports, monthly evaluations and flags any divergences from the 3D model. Once the model becomes live, other technology vendors can tap into the model to receive real-time progress information, to trigger shipments, streamline payments, or generate better execution plans for the following week.

This technology is a real game-changer for contractors. Not only does it address the complexity of construction management processes, it seeks to offer a solution to the manual way in which processes are coordinated – which so often lead to inaccurate information and delays. 

On a similar note, one project can involve a wealth of different contractors working to a single planned schedule. Buildots’ solution elevates the amount of data available to contractors, equipping them with real-time enhanced visibility on project performance. With this level of granularity, contractors may use the information to know where best to invest their resources and improve as a business. They can then kickstart the behaviour change that is needed.

Which technology is involved?
Buildots utilises AI, BIM and digital twin technologies. AI can be used to capture and analyse huge amounts of data, reporting on a project’s progress to ensure all works are on schedule. AI and BIM work hand-in-hand to analyse whether the design is being followed onsite, and empowers site managers to action immediate changes which reduce the likelihood of hidden costs in the future.  

The digital twin sits alongside Buildots’ AI and BIM offering. The twin is a digital representation of the constructed building and is based on a BIM model. It is continually updated in line with the project’s movement, and enables contractors to capture and analyse processes. 

All this access to analysis and data ensures construction teams can make the right decisions when needed. Dame Judith Hackitt’s Golden Thread of information has been lauded as one of the most prominent methods the industry should adhere to in order to ensure best practice across the board. To align with this process, there will be a higher demand from companies to know and understand the role of visible data within an asset or project. Having a clear audit trail of what has been done, who did it and how it was installed will create this all-important golden thread of information.  

Buildots’ digital offering comprises a whole host of benefits, and is a fine example of a technology that is definitely here to stay in construction. 

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