British Sugar TOPSOIL products accepted by NHBC

British Sugar TOPSOIL products accepted by NHBC

British Sugar TOPSOIL’s Landscape20 General Purpose Topsoil and General Purpose Subsoil products have been added to NHBC Accepts.

NHBC Accepts enables quicker assessment of a home for warranty and reduces the risk to the builder of delays in their project. Launched last July, the service has now accepted a range of products and systems.

NHBC Innovation Manager Richard Lankshear said: “We are delighted to welcome British Sugar TOPSOIL to NHBC Accepts. We know from feedback that once a product or system is given the NHBC Accepts green light that this creates confidence in quality, long-term durability and traceability. 

“We actively assess construction quality both on-site and off-site to verify that each product is suitable and acceptable to meet the standards set to obtain our ten-year NHBC Buildmark warranty.

“With the demands on the industry to increase the volume of new homesand the simultaneous challenges around materials and skills, we are at a critical stage in the development of MMC.Weareproud to beusingour scale, expertise and knowledgeoftraditionalhouse building to work with manufacturers to provide the confidence that innovative products and systems can meetand sometimes exceedthe same high standards of quality and durability astraditionally-builthomes.”

National TOPSOIL Manager Andy Spetch said: “We have worked closely with the NHBC in recent years to establish the needs of new home builders, developing topsoil products that they can use with confidence and providing help and guidance on soils. We are proud to be the first topsoil supplier to have achieved the NHBC Accepts seal of approval and hope that this will provide further confidence in our products to our existing customers and the wider industry.”

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