Black Millwork releases new range of aluminium windows

Black Millwork releases new range of aluminium windows

Black Millwork has announced the release of a new range of aluminium windows.

An increasing number of residential projects are based around more contemporary designs, creating a higher demand for windows and doors with slim profiles. Aluminium windows can satisfy this demand, as the material can be manufactured into incredibly thin profiles. Following the launch of an aluminium door range in 2014, Black Millwork is now completing its aluminium offering with a complementary window range.

The latest range in the company’s portfolio has already been specified on a major redevelopment in London, comprising of six blocks of flats, each housing several hundred tenants. The new windows mean the company can now offer a much wider selection of solutions that cater for different aesthetic tastes and architectural styles.

One of the big advantages of aluminium as a building material is its durability when compared to other products. Unlike other materials, aluminium will not swell, crack, split or warp over time, ensuring an extended product life. Additionally, because of its inherent strength and flexibility, aluminium windows can be manufactured to exact specifications. This allows for increased design flexibility, meaning homeowners need not compromise on aesthetic goals.

The new range allows Black Millwork to recreate the look of steel-framed windows, which are popular across historic buildings in Britain. The company’s new range is can imitate this style whilst offering the added benefit of the high performance values of modern aluminium. This allows builders and developers to raise performance standards whilst retaining the existing aesthetic of a building, eradicating the need to totally overhaul a project’s window design.

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