Ariston’s electric water heaters flex their muscles in gyms and sporting facilities

Ariston’s electric water heaters flex their muscles in gyms and sporting facilities

Ariston’s electric water heaters offer sports club owners and gym managers a means of providing cost effective and energy efficient hot water throughout their premises. The company’s Velis Evo and Pro1 Eco units ensure sports teams or gymgoers can enjoy a comfortable post-match or post-workout shower, thanks to fast reheat times and large storage capacities. Furthermore, the water heaters benefit from Ariston’s renowned anti-legionella function, which automatically increases the water temperature up to 65°C once a month, to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing.

Gyms and leisure facilities have high water demand, with a range of sports and exercise routines resulting in different showering requirements. Whatever the physical activity, it is essential people can clean and wash themselves afterwards – with personal hygiene taking on even more importance in times of COVID-19. As a result, the water heaters on sports and leisure sites need to be flexible, robust and reliable, enabling end users to take a shower when required, without having to wait unnecessarily.

The super-slim Velis Evo electric water heater from Ariston features a versatile, ultra-slim (27cm deep) design, while its advanced twin tank technology ensures optimum performance. With a choice of 45 or 80-litre models available, units offer up to 16% more hot water availability compared to an equivalent capacity standard electric water heater. In addition, superbly fast reheat times of 50 minutes ensure sports teams won’t have to endure a cold post-match shower.

Similarly, Ariston’s Pro1 Eco electric storage water heaters have capacities of 50, 80 and 100 litres. They include a display that allows for easy operation, alongside simple temperature setting and control for advanced performance – lending themselves perfectly to light commercial environments and public washrooms with high hot water demand. Ariston’s patented WaterPlus technology also reduces stratification for up to 16% more hot water – which is perfect for showering after a long session at the gym.

Both products also boast a best in-class ErP rating and have titanium enamelled tanks for amazing durability. The ideal modern alternatives to traditional cylinders, units are also simple to fit, requiring only connection to electricity and water supplies (in addition to their respective unvented installation kits, which are supplied with each product as standard).

Commenting on the electric water heating options available to gyms and sports facilities, Victoria Gutierrez, Marketing Manager at Ariston, said: “As people grow more health conscious over time, venues such as gymnasiums and leisure centres are experiencing increases in membership. Of course, with more people using the facilities, there is greater hot water demand in terms of showering after sporting activities. Fortunately, at Ariston, we’ve developed our Velis Evo and Pro1 Eco units to cope with high levels of use without effecting performance or end user comfort – so there will always be plenty of hot water available for a shower, no matter how strenuous the exercise beforehand!”

Both Velis Evo and Pro1 Eco electric water heaters utilise Ariston’s ABS Safety System; this includes ‘Anti-Overheating’, ‘Anti-Freezing’ and ‘Dry Heating Self-Diagnosis’ functions, offering added protection in the event of energy or water failures.

All products are supplied with an unvented kit, as well as a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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