A question of compliance

A question of compliance

Tom Reynolds, CEO designate of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, calls on the residential new build sector to support its renewed campaign on compliance.

The residential new build sector is no stranger to the need for compliant products and many will be frustrated by the current regulatory requirements for bathroom products.

The complex nature of the regulatory environment has led to poor understanding in the bathroom supply chain of compliance requirements. There are no fewer than eight separate pieces of legislation that apply to manufacturers. From water regulations and the Consumer Act to Construction Product Regulation (CPR), introduced in 2013, which makes it mandatory for companies to carry the CE Mark on all relevant bathroom products, covered by a European harmonised standard.

Product testing
Within the bathroom industry many manufacturers do undertake testing to ensure that the product complies with the law, but many fail to market this fact and some manufacturers don’t bother to do any testing and sell products that, when installed, break the law.

This is something that must be changed, it is the law that certain bathroom products are ‘fit for purpose’. At the moment there is little redress for those that flaunt the law and that is part of the problem. The UK market is flooded with products from shower enclosures, trays and screens and ceramic-ware like toilets, bidets and basins that don’t meet the required ‘fit for purpose’ safety and quality standards.

The BMA has been working hard to raise awareness but recognises that more now needs to be done. Working with other partners, we are banging on the door of government with an all-party parliamentary brief that will bring bathroom matters to the government’s attention.

Compliance tool
In the meantime, we have launched a new compliance tool that will help demystify the mass of legislation around compliance and provide clear guidance for those wanting to demonstrate compliance.

Our tool, developed in partnership with Keele University will identify the relevant Standards and Regulations that products should comply with, when sold and installed in the UK market. It will provide a quick and easy navigational platform that will highlight what Law, Legislation and Regulation needs to be complied with and possible routes to achieve this.

Our message to those involved in the residential new build sector is clear – support our campaign by using good quality, compliant products installed by a fully qualified professional.

Change is happening. Housebuilders, developers and specifiers can all be part of this and together we can make a difference, building consumer confidence and maintaining consumer safety, let’s all make it a resolution for a safer future.

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