Wienerberger’s online tool for special shaped bricks

Wienerberger’s online tool for special shaped bricks

The special shaped bricks microsite allows users to visually filter through all British Standard Specials by group allowing them to filter the options further by profile.

With a range of over 250 special bricks available in all colours and textures, the new tool sources the perfect special brick for the job, providing all the specific technical details and images and also recommends other special shaped bricks that are commonly used with each individual option.

Alongside the new microsite, Wienerberger has also launched a specials brochure. It includes information on all aspects of special shaped brick, such as types & manufacturing techniques, fabricated specials, helpful tips, training & support as well as all British standard specials and a number of additional purpose-made options.

In addition, Wienerberger has also introduced its Essential Range – 52 purpose-made profiles that are readily available in three colours covering all the most popular British Standard Specials.

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