Wavin Hep2O on the search for the industry’s most amazing stories

Wavin Hep2O on the search for the industry’s most amazing stories

Your customers might see you as a plumber, but your work goes way beyond that. CEOs, accountants, trainers, mentors, community supports and emergency service providers, you really have to do it all in this industry. But too often these fantastic endeavours can go under the radar, until now.

This year, Wavin Hep2O wants to celebrate and share the most amazing stories that represent the best of the industry. From fantastic initiatives that support those in need, to going above and beyond to help the next generation. From grabbing opportunity out of the claws of adversity, to simply getting through a tough time with your business intact – Wavin Hep2O is on the search for the most inspirational stories the industry has to offer.

If you think you have the perfect story that fits the bill, you can nominate yourself or a fellow plumber to be in with a chance of being championed in Wavin Hep2O’s upcoming Pride of Plumbing campaign. All you need to do is fill in a simple nomination form giving Wavin Hep2O a few details on the story you have, and a panel of distinguished industry experts will pick out the best stories to feature in the campaign (which is due to launch in June this year).

If you’re selected as one of four champions Wavin Hep2O is searching for, you (or the person you nominated) will be made the centrepiece of the campaign for a whole month and will be given the opportunity to tell your story to the industry in an inspiring and uplifting way. But even if you aren’t selected, don’t despair. Wavin Hep2O will still be giving out spot prizes at random to anyone who makes a nomination, including five £10 Greggs vouchers, one £50 Greggs voucher winner, and of course some limited edition Hop2O beers!

What are you waiting for? If you have a story that needs shouting about, put forward your nomination now by heading over to https://blog.wavin.co.uk/pride-of-plumbing/. The deadline’s the 19th of February, so make sure you enter in time to get your story in the mix.

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