Structural Concrete Alliance offers online learning

Structural Concrete Alliance offers online learning

The Structural Concrete Alliance is highlighting the wide range of online resources it has available to construction professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

The Structural Concrete Alliance is an umbrella organisation which brings together the Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA), Concrete Repair Association (CRA) and Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA) providing a definitive source of information and advice for all involved in the repair, refurbishment and management of concrete infrastructure and the protection from corrosion of a wide range of structures.

Each constituent association offers a wealth of resources, including technical guidance documents which are available for free download from the relevant association website:

The Corrosion Prevention Association Technical Notes offer a wide range of advice of all aspects of corrosion prevention techniques including cathodic protection, chloride extraction, galvanic anodes and corrosion inhibitors. They also cover issues such as monitoring and maintenance, training and certification and stray current.

The CPA also offers a Corrosion Basics Online Course.  Aimed at those needing some basic corrosion knowledge, it provides an overview which covers key elements of the corrosion process. Learners are likely to be from an engineering or science background and may be involved in a project that requires some corrosion input. Priced at £35, the course can be completed within an hour. On completion of an online test, learners receive confirmation of completion and their pass mark.

The Concrete Repair Association provides Technical Guidance to aid the specifier or engineer prepare contract documentation, choose products or contractors and measure work that has been undertaken. Its hugely popular Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repair along with a specimen Bill of Quantities in Excel spreadsheet format offers advice on the origination of clearer tender documents for repair and refurbishment projects and provides a uniform basis for measuring concrete repair and for fully itemising all aspects of the work involved.

The Sprayed Concrete Association, offers An Introduction to Sprayed Concrete. This 16-chapter document aims to demonstrate the wide uses and versatility of sprayed concrete. It describes the broad range of commonly used processes and materials available in the marketplace and offers best practice advice, explaining the best ways of carrying out these processes safely to produce a high quality end product. It is aimed at industry professionals who require basic practical knowledge of sprayed concrete techniques.

The Structural Concrete Alliance YouTube channel is another source of useful information. It features demonstrations of key repair techniques including carbon fibre, sprayed concrete, concrete testing, cathodic protection and concrete repair. It also offers a selection of presentations from past Structural Concrete Alliance events.


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