Springbourne Homes seeks help to honour WW1 fallen at new development

Springbourne Homes seeks help to honour WW1 fallen at new development

A First World War memorial is to be restored by Springbourne Homes, with its MD requesting help to find the names of those honoured on it. 

A Midlands businessman has vowed to fully restore a World War One memorial in Leicestershire after thieves stole the brass plaque which honoured the names of those killed in action.

Adrian Burr, Managing Director of Springbourne Homes, discovered the desecrated memorial in the overgrown grounds of a disused care home which the company is about to re-develop. Now, Mr Burr has launched a national appeal to find the names of the war heroes featured on the monument, which is situated at the former Hornsey Rise Memorial home in Wellsborough, near the historic town of Market Bosworth.

He said: “I was saddened to find the memorial had been forgotten and become overgrown but especially to discover the brass plates with the names of the war dead had been stolen. I felt angry someone could commit such a despicable act and immediately decided I would repair and refurbish the memorial and give it pride of place in a ‘peace garden’ within our new development.

“The big challenge now is to find the names of the World War One heroes who were honoured on those brass plaques, so I am appealing for help. What we know is that they were all members of the old Natsopa printers’ union, as it was Natsopa which opened the Hornsey Rise Memorial home in 1921.

“The problem is the Natsopa union doesn’t exist anymore and, although we have scoured some of their record books, we cannot find the details of the names included on the memorial. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who can help us solve this puzzle.

“It’s coming up to the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War and it would be wonderful to be able to remember these veterans by name and show their sacrifice has not been forgotten.”

The Springbourne boss, whose firm is based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, intends to pay further homage to the history of the 10-acre Bosworth Road site by naming the new development of 20 luxury homes ‘Hornsey Rise’.

Anyone who has any information about those named on the brass plaques should contact Springbourne Homes at admin@springbournehomes.com or call its Head Office on 02476 325900.


Image: Springbourne Homes’ Managing Director Adrian Burr is appealing for help in finding the names for the desecrated Hornsey Rise War Memorial in Leicestershire

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