Spicerhaart Part Exchange wins contract with ‘custom-build’ developer NU living

Spicerhaart Part Exchange wins contract with ‘custom-build’ developer NU living

Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Assisted Move has won a contract with housebuilder NU living.

NU living has specialised in buyer-led new-build development by creating beautiful high quality properties that can be customer-designed by the buyer. NU living’s latest development is Beechwood – 251 customisable new homes in Basildon – and Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Assisted Move has been brought in to offer part-exchange deals to buyers.

Beechwood offers NU living’s ‘U-plan’ custom build service: buyers can choose the design of their new home, from the size (two, three or four bedrooms), shape and layout and external features to the worktops in the kitchen. Each plot has parking spaces for two vehicles and private gardens.

Due to the size of the homes, they are more suited to second and third steppers rather than those making their first step onto the property ladder, so most buyers have a home to sell. However, due to the fact that each home is unit is custom built, once a sale has been agreed it takes up to six months for the property to be ready to move into, making it difficult to navigate chains.

Spicerhaart Business Development Manager, Mark Welberry explains: “There are currently three show homes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs for potential buyers to see. If they want to go ahead, they pick a plot and choose how they want their new home to look and feel.

“If they have a home to sell, which most do, NU living wants to be able to agree a deal without having to worry about the stress of getting a chain in line to complete the sale.

“Our funded part-exchange service provides buyers to purchase NU living’s customers’ existing properties. We work with a number of specialist, cash rich buyers, ensuring that we are always able to offer guaranteed buyers to facilitate the purchase of any property, at any value, anywhere in the country.”

Andrew Brader, Head of Sales and Marketing at NU living, added: “We’re seeing a lot of interest from homeowners in the existing estate surrounding Beechwood, so the part exchange or assisted move schemes provide a fuss-free way for this group to move out of their existing home and upgrade to bespoke new one.

“Given the custom build nature of the development, it is really important that we are able to manage the timescales to ensure good cashflow. That is much more difficult when there is a chain, because there is always the risk that someone down the line pulls out. Spicerhaart Part Exchange and Assisted Move can guarantee sales and fast turnaround times, and that is exactly what we need, so we are really pleased to be working with them on this project.”


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