ShoreTrench expands with new Bobcat E45 Mini-Excavator

ShoreTrench expands with new Bobcat E45 Mini-Excavator

ShoreTrench, developer of the UK’s first range of preassembled trench shoring systems and a subsidiary of Secure Ground Solutions Ltd, has purchased a new Bobcat E45 mini-excavator, the first in the UK to be equipped with the Bobcat Depth Check system, from Wigan-based Norwest Plant Ltd, the local Authorised Bobcat Dealer. 

With over 35 years’ experience in the construction and groundworks industry, ShoreTrench founder and CEO, Glenn Molyneux, knows all too well the problems associated with trench excavations. Such experience led to the development of his company’s revolutionary ShoreTrench™ range of trench support and protection systems, to enhance the safety and productivity of all aspects of trench shoring activity. 

Glenn Molyneux commented: “Our ShoreTrench systems are the UK’s first preassembled trench shoring systems, providing an immediate support solution for an excavated trench and removing the risk of collapse. We are continuously developing the ShoreTrench range to meet increasing sizes and complexities of trenches. We have used Bobcat E10z and E26 mini-excavators in our early product development and the arrival of the new E45 model will help us to develop new and innovative products.”

First Use of Bobcat Depth Check System in the UK
As well as demonstrating the latest generation of ShoreTrench systems, the new E45 mini-excavator is the first Bobcat mini-excavator in the UK to feature the company’s Depth Check system. The latter provides an electronic depth gauge on the Bobcat E45 that allows the operator to dig to a depth without requiring an engineer with a laser setting the line, making site operations more efficient and reducing the need for additional personnel.

Glenn Molyneux added: “Using technology such as the Depth Check system on the new Bobcat E45 will allow us to continue development of our innovative ShoreTrench products. The Bobcat Depth Check System is exclusive to Bobcat excavators and allows the operator to achieve an accurate grade every time without leaving the cab. The operator simply has to set the width and depth of the trench support unit into the system and choose the right width bucket.”

Garry Wheawall of Norwest Plant said: “I’ve known Glenn for over six years and he’s bought several Bobcat machines in the past. We had discussed at length how the Bobcat Depth Check works and the benefits it could offer their continued development of ShoreTrench products. I’m pleased to be able to provide an innovative solution to help progress the ShoreTrench range – it’s also great that it’s the first in the UK.

The Bobcat Depth Check system utilises three sensors, one on the bucket, one on the arm and one on the base of the boom. All three sensors read the exact position of the attachment, boom and arm and constantly send and process data to the control panel that shows on the Bobcat Deluxe Display Screen in the cab of the E45. The processed information gives the operator visual and audible signals to guide them to either sustain or achieve a desired dig depth or grade. 

The Bobcat Depth Check System is efficient and easy to use. It is a Bobcat dealer-installed accessory for select Bobcat mini-excavators (namely the E34 through E85 models) with deluxe instrumentation. It is compatible with both the standard-arm and long-arm configurations of Bobcat mini-excavators. The many uses for the system include trenching utility lines; placing drainage ditches; digging basements; installing sewer lines and drain fields and preparing sites for footings or pads.

Glenn Molyneux said: “Our ambition is to make all trench shoring activity safer, more productive and more efficient and using the Bobcat E45 will help us to achieve that. Working with Norwest Plant and Bobcat is helping us to continue to develop innovative solutions for the construction and engineering industry.”

Comprising the Foundation Unit Trench Support, Drive Over Trench Support and Personnel Access Trench Support, the products in the ShoreTrench range all include a patented interlocking mechanism, which is fast to position using a mini-excavator, and requires no initial assembly and no manual lifting, as well as a variety of additional features.

Authorised Bobcat Dealer for North-West England and North Wales
As well as the Bobcat range of mini-excavators, skid-steer and compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, light compaction and attachments, Norwest Plant offers a full selection of genuine Bobcat accessories and parts to support both new and existing Bobcat customers in its area. Customers also benefit from the company’s on-site service network, covering everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance. 

Norwest Plant is part of the Construction Equipment Division of Northern Ireland-based Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd, a privately-owned group with a wide range of trading subsidiaries. As the Authorised Bobcat Dealer for North-West England and North Wales, Norwest Plant covers Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside (including the Wirral), Cheshire, Anglesey, North Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham.

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