Meadfleet wins Biodiversity Award for Open Space Management

Meadfleet wins Biodiversity Award for Open Space Management

Open space management company, Meadfleet, has been awarded first place in the Pollinator category at CIRIA’s BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards.

The company’s Bee Friendly campaign is designed to create additional habitats across open spaces for bees and other vital pollinators.

The judge’s commented: “An inspirational project from a management company of open spaces. They have included a very community and nature focused management strategy and are to be commended. The long term impact of this project and scale is really interesting. The potential that has been identified through the land holdings is noteworthy and the judges were impressed to see that the knowledge had been embedded within the business which is very admirable.” 

Bee Friendly, launched by Meadfleet in 2019, created new habitats for bees and other pollinating insects. The company has committed to planting:

  • 23,000m2 of meadow
  • 1,500m of new hedgerow including native shrub and tree species
  • 50,000 new bulbs in a mix of species

Paul Cassidy, Ecology and Conservation Manager at Meadfleet said: “We are delighted that our efforts to benefit wildlife in the management of open spaces continue to be recognised. It’s fantastic that the judges acknowledged our efforts to make long-term, far-reaching improvements to open space areas that will benefit pollinators. Whilst it might be seen as going above and beyond our remit as an open space management company, we believe Meadfleet have an important role to play in ensuring open spaces offer enriched environments for our customers that allow wildlife to thrive.”

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