Jablite launches All-in-One install service

Jablite launches All-in-One install service

The new floor build service from Jablite is available anywhere in the UK. 

Insulation manufacturer Jablite has introduced a new All-in-One Installation service to give ground workers and house builders the option to sub-contract the floor build to the point when it is ready for the concrete topping. The company believes this will give the Ground Worker and Site Manager some significant benefits.

Luke Treadwell, Jablite Sales Director explained: “Our installers are experts in laying Jablite All-in-One thermal system floors. They can typically install five floors in one day. Their speed and efficiency means that you will get a perfect installation every time. Plus, any waste will be removed from site when they go, leaving you with a tidy site and no surplus to remove.

“And, Jablite has the only NHBC-approved and BBA-certified, thermal floor system that that can be used with a non-structural concrete toppings i.e. plain concrete or micro-fibres – its called All-in-One NST (Non Structural Topping).
So ground workers or housebuilders who want to continue using micro fibres in their concrete topping can get our All-in-One NST system installed by us and really make life simple.”

The Jablite installation team will go anywhere in the UK and the company will also organise the install date to suit the ground worker and to fit in with the site’s timetable.


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