Housebuilder reminds children of the dangers of building sites

Housebuilder reminds children of the dangers of building sites

With the summer holidays underway, developer Allison Homes is warning Rutland children about the dangers of building sites.

Allison Homes, which is building new homes across Rutland, is encouraging children to stay safe when walking or playing nearby active building sites, especially during the holiday period.

Until they are completed and all construction work has ceased, housing developments can be very dangerous places, which should not be explored by children or their parents and guardians. 

Rob Crossland, Construction Director at Allison Homes, said: “Although they may look like exciting places to explore, housing developments under construction, with a vast amount of machinery and equipment on site, can be extremely hazardous.

“We put a lot of care into ensuring our developments and site teams stick to rigid health and safety standards, and make sure all of our sites can’t be accessed by children or passers-by, during working hours and during the night and days when staff are off site.

“With this in mind, however, we would like to ask parents and guardians to ensure the safety of their children during the summer holidays, especially if they live near an active building site.”

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