Harron Homes: Celebrating Women in Construction

Harron Homes: Celebrating Women in Construction

The construction industry is still very much a male-dominated industry with less than 10% of employees being women. With the focus on #EachForEqual this International Women’s Day, Harron Homes celebrates some of the women who are levelling the playing field.

Traci Moore, 38, lives in York with her partner and three-year-old son Zach. She joined Harron seven years ago and works as a Land Director Designate.

Assistant Site Manager Carolyn Bradley-Winnett, 35, and Customer Relations Manager June Sheeran, 47, are newer members to the Harron team having both joined just over two years ago.

This is Carolyn’s first foray into the world of construction, although she’s worked in the housing sector since university.

“I started at Harron as a Customer Relations Officer, which made me want to work on site. I’ve really found my passion since working in housebuilding, and I hope to keep growing in my career here.”

While their roles are all very different, they all agree on what makes their jobs great.

“No day is the same” Traci says, “You get to meet all sorts of interesting people in different industries.”

June nods, “I like all the different people I come into contact with on a daily basis”.

Carolyn agrees “I love my job as it is challenging but no day is the same. I like working with a wide variety of people and that although the role is hard
work and demanding, the end result is a stunning home for our customers.”

They’re also in agreement on the topic of equality.

Traci defines it as ‘a state of being equal with regards to rights and opportunities.’ She says “Harron allows both sexes to take on equal roles, responsibilities and be respected as an equal.”

“At Harron, we’re given the same rights across the board” June agrees.

“It’s ensuring everybody has an equal chance to take up opportunities regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality or disability,” Carolyn elaborates,

“I feel like Harron is very encouraging. Since I started here I have been supported to do well, I am eager to grow in this industry and feel there are definitely a lot of positives to a woman being on site. The fact I am woman hasn’t made any difference, if anything I have a lot of respect from the guys on site and they are all very supportive.”

Having worked in the construction industry for 17 years, Traci has plenty of experience and knowledge of how things have progressed.

“I started as a Land Assistant with Shepherd Homes after doing a couple of years as Sales Negotiator for Miller Homes (previously Fairclough Homes).”

“In the last five years I have definitely noticed more women appearing in more senior roles then I have in the last decade.”

“Yeah, more women are employed and promoted into senior roles these days” June concurs.

“I believe there has been a change for the better in the way women are treated in the workplace,” Carolyn continues.

“However I do feel women still need to work harder and prove themselves more in order to get the respect men do; I’ve been lucky with the positive attitude I received at Harron. There is still a way to go but it is definitely going in the right direction.

“I would recommend the construction industry to any woman that wants to work hard and build an exciting career, it is a demanding industry but can be very rewarding.”

“Absolutely,” Traci agrees. “It’s tough balancing being a mother of a young child and working full time in a very demanding role, but I genuinely believe that there are opportunities for skilled and talented women in construction, especially if you are prepared to work hard, follow a good work ethic and be fully committed.”

“Just give it your all and enjoy” June concludes.

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