Concrete Block Association launches U-value calculator

Concrete Block Association launches U-value calculator

The Concrete Block Association has kicked off the Modern Masonry ‘Better Built in Blockwork’ campaign by unveiling its U-value calculator and thermal bridging details.

The Concrete Block Association (CBA), the independent UK body for aggregate concrete block manufacturers, has launched its part of the Modern Masonry ‘Better Built in Blockwork’ campaign to educate the construction industry on benefits of concrete block construction.

The CBA has created an online portal, backed up with an events programme focused on the benefits of using concrete blocks. The portal includes guidance aimed across the construction industry, with everything from datasheets to support design, supplier choice advice and guidance as to the benefits of concrete blocks.

As part of the ‘Better Built in Blockwork’ activity, the CBA has unveilled a free online U-value calculator to provide interactive help in choosing block and insulation combinations to achieve required U-values. In addition, to help designers and SAP assessor optimise projects with accurate psi values for each thermal bridge, the CBA also has a set of thermal bridging construction details that are free to download.


Andrew Minson, Executive Director of Modern Masonry, the umbrella body for masonry, stated: “The U-value calculator is a really simple tool that makes a big difference for specifiers to help them make the right choice. Together with the extensive thermal bridging details and calculated psi values designers can ensure they optimise the thermal efficiency of masonry construction to meet regulations or even exceed them if desired.”

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