CEMEX UK announces new pedestrian safety campaign

CEMEX UK announces new pedestrian safety campaign

2018 will see the start of a new safety campaign focussing on pedestrian safety by building materials supplier, CEMEX UK.

Following on from their successful cyclist safety campaign, the company is planning to engage with pedestrians to highlight the potential dangers around large goods vehicles and the part pedestrians can play in staying safe.

David Hart, Director of Logistics at CEMEX UK, commented: “This is an exciting and important step for us in helping to ensure the safety of another group of vulnerable road users. In 2016, 25% of all fatalities on our roads in this country were pedestrians¹ while in London it was 53%, where 6.5m journeys are walked each day². Obviously, the vast majority of these fatalities did not involve an LGV but pedestrians should be aware of the possible dangers around large vehicles.

“For the start of the campaign we plan to put our specially designed logo and messages on some of our trucks, the first message being ‘Look out before you step out’. Incidents often happen in slow moving traffic in towns and cities. Hopefully, pedestrians will see the message and ‘Look out before they step out’.”

CEMEX UK will continue its programme of road safety talks in schools and will be looking to disseminate its safety messages to other pedestrians groups such as the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable.



1. Statistics from the Department of Transport 2016 road statistics
2. Transport for London Casualties fact sheet Surface Transport

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