Bellway teams up with what3words

Bellway teams up with what3words

Bellway has teamed up with location technology app what3words to provide customers with a simple way to locate developments which are difficult to find using traditional postcodes.

what3words has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three random words.

When directing customers to specific destinations, Bellway can now share the what3words address for the exact 3 metre square they need to go to. The 3 words can be entered into the free what3words app or online map, helping customers find sales offices, showhomes, development entrances and other Bellway locations.

In the ‘Visit us’ section of each development webpage, Bellway will provide the site’s what3words address along with its street address. The 3 words will also be included on all emails to customers.

Richard Stollery, Group Customer Experience Director at Bellway, said: “Although we have always used postcode locations to identify new developments, this traditional method often directs customers to the area where the development is located, but not necessarily the exact location. This often leads to frustrations for many of our customers, particularly where a development is in a rural or heavily populated area.

“By linking up with what3words, we are now able to provide the exact location of the sales office. what3words is available in many car navigation systems so it is becoming a mainstream alternative to postcodes. 

“We also believe that what3words can be integrated into other processes when buying a new home, allowing our customers to pinpoint the exact location of their front door for deliveries. We can also use this for construction and health & safety activities.”

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words added: “New build developments can take months to get a registered address. This means it’s hard to describe exactly where they are, and difficult for people to find them. what3words works seamlessly for Bellway to give customers a really simple way to communicate and find their new and unaddressed locations.”

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