Worcester Bosch | Warm up

Worcester Bosch | Warm up

Worcester Bosch has introduced two new heating solutions: a new Air to Water Heat Pump and a hybrid heat pump.

Worcester Bosch has announced the launch of the 7001iAW air to water heat pump and the Hybrid 7000iAW, a low-carbon air to water heat pump and hybrid heat pump and boiler respectively. 

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication & Product Management, said: “Although many know us as the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer, we do in fact offer a full suite of heating and cooling technologies, including heat pumps and hybrid solutions.”

Low carbon
Suitable for renovation and new build projects, the 7001iAW air to water heat pump has a monobloc design to house all refrigeration circuit components to keep maintenance low and a pre-configured AWE indoor unit for straight-forward installation. There are optional standalone Green Storage WB range Heat Pump cylinders from 150 to 300 litres.

The Hybrid 7000iAW allows the integration of a high efficiency low-carbon heat pump with the benefits of a gas combi boiler, for small to medium properties. Features include simple installation through easy access, monitoring of temperatures to operate either the heat pump or the boiler for best overall efficiency, and no requirement for additional DHW storage due to hot water being generated by the boiler alone. 

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