Wetrooms – the perfect bathroom for multigenerational households?

Wetrooms – the perfect bathroom for multigenerational households?

Highly functional, yet stylishly simple, wetrooms are a good solution for the multigenerational wash space. Phil Windus, Market Manager – Building + Landscape at ACO, explains more.

Wetrooms are now considered the modern alternative to bathrooms, as not only do they offer practical advantages but they also add an air of luxury. They can offer better accessibility with level access flooring for the elderly or those with disabilities.

Easy to clean
Something that most generations will perceive as a major selling point is the fact that wetrooms are, in general, easier to clean and maintain than a bathroom or shower. As the environment is wet, normal household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to disinfect and keep mould and mildew at bay. There is also no shower screen or tray to take care of, which helps make the whole cleaning process much more simple.

The drain is a key element in any wetroom

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the drain itself is key element in the wetroom environment. When opting for a powerful shower, the drain must be able to efficiently handle high water volumes. A flush-fitting, channel-style drain – such as ACO’s ShowerDrain C Line – that collects water across its full width can help to prevent flooding. It also provides an easy access foul air trap to help keep the water running freely.

The flooring underneath the tiles must also be fully waterproofed. Joints between the tiles on the walls and floors must be watertight to make sure it does not leak. As long as the wetroom is installed properly, this type of fit out can really add value to the property.

Aesthetic finish
With a wide-variety of aesthetic grating designs now available on the market, there is more opportunity for homeowners to express individual tastes and styles. ACO’s dedicated wetroom range is just one example of this, including shower channels and gully systems, it provides a host of designer gratings to complement the desired style. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the ShowerDrain C Line and Shower Gully systems provide a sleek yet highly functional finish to any wetroom project and are perfect for use within tiled floors.

While water management systems have often been viewed as a commodity product, by listening to the market trends and understanding the customer base, housebuilders can offer an aesthetic yet functional solution that meets the needs of many generations.


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