West Fraser | CaberWood MDF Q&A

West Fraser | CaberWood MDF Q&A

West Fraser discuss some of the frequent questions they receive regarding its CaberWood MDF range.

West Fraser’s CaberWood MDF range is not only the original, having been initiated in 1966, it is also the one that covers the widest range of applications in today’s housebuilding industry. Known for clean finishing, strong holding and impressive routing properties, there is a variant for every possible application while the support material and training ensure that the specifier is armed with all the information required to make the best decision. 

What’s the difference between CaberWood MDF Pro and CaberWood MDF Trade?

CaberWood MDF Pro is a premium grade MDF, denser and ideal for intricate routing and high quality, detailed finishing. CaberWood MDF Trade is a lighter MDF board with an enhanced surface for painting, paper foils and veneers, and it’s suitable for situations where lighter weight is a requirement. 

What applications is the Trade option suitable for?

MDF Trade is suitable for applications that require a lighter board – such as furniture, shopfitting, caravans and exhibitions.

Is the Pro choice suitable for routing?

MDF Pro is ideal for routing thanks to its consistent density, high quality fibres and internal bond strength. This also makes for excellent screw and fastening holding. 

What grade should be used for making furniture?

Both can be used depending on requirements. For a basic, lightweight furniture CaberWood MDF Trade is recommended. For furniture intended to be routed and shaped, CaberWood MDF Pro is recommended.

For how long should MDF Pro be conditioned before installing?

Approximately 48 hours.

Do the boards need sealing or priming before painting?

Yes, we recommend an undercoat is used when painting.

Why is the moisture resistant MDF green?

A green dye is used as a means of quickly distinguishing moisture resistant MDF from non-MR variants.

Why are the CaberWood MDF MR (Moisture Resistant) boards considered better for cutting? 

The physical properties of CaberWood MDF Pro MR are higher than other grades. This makes it best for cutting and machining while the board is made for wet or humid environments.

When would you use CaberWood MDF Industrial? 

The denser design means this range is perfect for deep, angular profiles and advanced finishing. It’s the strongest member of the family and suitable for use with all woodworking machines and hand tools for a superior routed finish. 

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