Vaillant | The quality question

Vaillant | The quality question

Vaillant was recently commissioned to work on a range of properties in Derby, from two bedroom starter to five-bedroom family homes, reflecting the belief that “Building Excellence” lies at the heart of every Wheeldon home.

The majority of Wheeldon’s installations require 30-35kW gas combination boilers, plus 24kW combi units for properties with lower heat demands. At first the developer opted for Vaillant Home combi boilers, but according to Wheeldon, these will eventually be replaced by the newly introduced ecoFIT sustain range designed for specification. Vaillant supplies the entire system, optimising the heating system – and its installation – at any given property.

Quality, reliability and value
Wheeldon Homes was attracted to Vaillant due to the brand’s quality, reliability and value. With Vaillant on board as a key supplier of heating systems, not only is the developer’s procurement and site management simplified, Wheeldon can now offer an additional guarantee on top of the two-year NHBC standard. The result: homeowners can feel comfortable with long guarantees – and have peace of mind thanks to Vaillant’s reliability.

Wheeldon takes its commitment to the environment seriously, only installing the most efficient, ErP A-rated Vaillant boilers – for example, those from the ecoFIT sustain range. By offering controls with weather and load compensation, a pre-heat function to cut down on wasted water and a modulation feature to minimise burn rates, these units can raise efficiency while decreasing emissions – something that was a must for Wheeldon.

When it came to choosing the “right“ heating systems, innovation was a key factor for Wheeldon – not just for the boilers, but for the controls. Wheeldon wanted something that was a) easy to use; b) looked smart; and c) suited customers of all ages. The answer: the VRC 700, a cutting-edge controls solution. Managed through a simple smartphone app, homeowners can manage the heating room by room wherever the wireless ambiSENSE

thermostatic radiator valves are connected to the system, thus reducing carbon emissions and customers’ heating bills. Wheeldon staff were delighted with both the app and the VRC 700 controls, citing “excellent feedback” from customers across the board – a win/win for all parties.

Ease of use and appearance
Property demonstrations also markedly improved thanks to Vaillant’s products. When customers were invited to a specific property and shown the workings of the heating system and its respective controller, many commented that they valued the Vaillant brand – especially its connections with local manufacturers and installers. The innovative design of Vaillant’s products also drew high praise from Wheeldon, a developer which puts aesthetics “high on its list of considerations.” Not simply due to their aesthetic quality, but because their compact size frees up more space – a premium for any developer. The ecoFIT sustain boiler is specifically designed to fit inside a wall-hung kitchen unit, making it ideal for many of the developer’s properties. Its integral rear flue eliminates the bend normally seen above wall-mounted units, rendering it almost invisible.

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