Using the latest shower trends to create stand-out bathrooms

Using the latest shower trends to create stand-out bathrooms

One of the main catalysts to selling a property is to ensure it is modern and eye-catching, featuring the latest design solutions. Steve Saunders from Triton Showers discusses a few ways to use the latest trends to create bathrooms which stand out.

Bathrooms are nowadays seen as a place for relaxation and indulgence, so many homebuyers are looking to bring the look, feel and quality of high end spas into their homes. Wet rooms are equally appropriate here, but there are other considerations to make when it comes to accessories.

To truly recreate a boutique atmosphere, select a large fixed deluge shower head which makes a luxurious ‘drench’ style performance when combined with a high flow rate. Additionally, arrangements with diverter capabilities are ideal as they offer the flexibility to alternate between the fixed head and the smaller portable handset depending on personal preference.

Triton’s Amore shower in Brushed Steel

An en-suite upgrade
Over the last few decades, en-suite bathrooms have been all the rage and you will rarely find a new-build which does not feature one alongside the master bedroom. However, we are also seeing this being taken a step further, with a call to transform smaller bathroom spaces into wet rooms as a modern take on the classic.

One of the most attractive things about this layout is the potential to optimise areas which may have felt cramped as an en-suite. Without the constraints of space-demanding products like the cubicle, wet rooms feel particularly spacious and free. They also allow a seamless flow between the shower and the rest of the bathroom which is perfect for those hoping to produce an attention grabbing interior.

Smart technology
When looking at the latest bathroom trends, we cannot ignore the importance of intuitive features which have been pivotal to the rise of digital showers. However, despite being smart innovations, the technology behind these solutions is surprisingly simple.

Our recently launched HOST taps into this trend amongst British housebuyers. The unit combines a mixer box which can be discreetly fitted in the loft or an airing cupboard, with a sleek wireless control panel which can be mounted on the wall. Not only does this gives specifiers the option to upgrade their mixer to a product which will immediately lend a high value feel to a bathroom, but also ensures swift and easy installation for one off or multiple projects. Those looking to create a home of the future should also consider the optional remote with a start/stop and warm up function, so that users can turn the shower on before even getting out of bed.

Pick a colour
Colour trends are another key factor when designing your bathroom. Whilst duck egg blues have remained popular for a long time, woody greys with purple and pink hues are expected to take over this year. These will warm up the room while keeping it clean and bright.

“When looking at the latest bathroom trends, we cannot ignore the importance of intuitive features which have been pivotal to the rise of digital showers.”

To craft a co-ordinated interior, housebuilders should also select shower accessories which complement the colour of the walls. For example, chrome fittings look striking against a darker coloured interior, such as charcoal grey or teal. By tying the colours together you will draw more attention to the impressive features within the space and will make the shower the centrepiece. A contemporary model such as Triton’s Amore electric shower from the Affordable Style collection is perfect for this. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also available in three quality finishes: black, brushed steel, and white.

The bathroom is where most of us will begin and end our days. This makes it one of the most important rooms in the home and means that developers must get the design right from the outset if they are to get a quick sale. Exploring and incorporating a number of these solutions is a great place to start and the result achieved will not only be eye catching but on trend too.


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