Timesaving render solutions

Timesaving render solutions

Increase productivity with timesaving render solutions from Fassa Bortolo

As the construction industry returns to life pre-lockdown, many housebuilders may be concerned with time efficiency and productivity levels following a tough few months. Deadlines are approaching and new projects are coming in, so it’s time to make some decisions which could save precious working hours.

Fassa Bortolo, the leading Italian manufacturer of integrated render systems and building materials, produce a whole host of specialist render systems which come with time saving benefits as well as delivering a professional finish which will stand the test of time.

Although rendering is a key factor to consider when it comes to cosmetic work and energy efficiency, it is often overlooked when it comes to time-saving decisions. It is assumed render is applied in a particular way, but once accustomed to alternative systems, housebuilders will begin to reap the benefits of a quick and easy application when compared to conventional masonry construction methods.

With a four-stage installation process, the Fassarend timber frame system can be used across a range of residential projects and has the added benefit of on or off-site construction. Using light-weight carrier boards, mechanically fixed onto wooden battens and finished with a thin coat render; this system has practicality at its core.

A third-party certified system, the board part of the system can be quickly applied to a timber frame structure off site for accuracy and tolerance. In a country where inclement weather can put a hold on site work, Fassa designed the timber frame system to support the growing demand for offsite construction. Primer, render base coat, reinforcing mesh and top coats are then applied to the facade on site, either by hand or by machine once the project reaches the final stages.

When applied to a timber frame with carrier boards, the build-up of the render is quick and the results will be flawless if properly applied thanks to the smooth, blemish-free substrate which is easy to work with.

This system can be installed with very few labourers on site with the fibre-reinforced carrier boards lightweight enough to be safely applied and installed between two applicators.

When it comes to applying the render to the substrate, if you have a large space or various buildings to cover, Fassa suggest applying it with the use of a mechanical spray machine rather than by hand. This will dramatically cut down on time spent adhering the product to the walls, simply needing to be finished by hand.

If you’re not looking for an advanced system, but a render that provides the property with sufficient water resistance and curb appeal, opt for Fassacouche. Ideal for projects with a very tight deadline, in some cases Fassacouche can be applied just once before a primer and top coat, so long as the substrate is sound and free of any damage. Most renders require two coats, so this would be the go-to choose for a quick solution.

Fassacouche single coat render has an excellent yield, making it easy to work with, and does not need accelerators or additives to speed up the setting process, keeping material cost down. It is also tested to the highest BBA certification to withstand severe weather conditions.

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